BBC Symphony Orchestra

Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Italian Santa qi leah symphony orchestra

The Montreal symphony orchestra

Vienna, Austria artists symphony orchestra

Stuttgart symphony orchestra

Gustav mahler chamber orchestra

The Dutch symphony orchestra

Zurich chamber orchestra

Padova symphony orchestra

Spain bilbao symphony orchestra

Stanford university symphony orchestra

China’s philharmonic orchestra

Shanghai philharmonic

Guangzhou symphony orchestra

China’s Taiwan national symphony orchestra and kingdom orchestra

The Hong Kong Chinese orchestra

China youth symphony orchestra

Sino-german joint symphony orchestra

2010 apec joint symphony orchestra, etc.


Tan Dun

Muhai Tang

Jindon Cai

Lin Tao

Zhou Xijie

Kristjan Järvi

Gerd Albrecht

Kent Nagano


Zurich concert hall

London barbie Ken art center concert hall

The national grand theatre

Toronto grand theatre

Shanghai grand theater

General assembly in New York meeting center

Shenzhen grand theatre

Guangzhou xinghai concert hall

Zhongshan concert

The central music college concert hall

Changzhou theater

Qingdao grand theatre

Nanjing culture hall

Xian concert hall

The opera house

Montreal concert hall

Edinburgh concert hall, and so on


China (Mainland, Hong Kong and Tai Wan)

UK (London, Edinburgh)

The United States (New York, San Francisco)

Germany (Stuttgart)

Switzerland (Zurich)

Canada (Toronto, Montreal)

The Netherlands (Amsterdam, EnSiHeDe)

The United Arab Emirates

Italy (Roman, Padova, Brescia)

Austria (Vienna)

Spain (Madrid, Bilbao)