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Beibei Wang is a virtuoso percussionist who has been meteoric rise in the classical music world, both in China and internationally. She is a international soloist with both Chinese and British music education background and got double Master Degree at Central Conservatory of Music and Royal Academy of Music respectively. She has such ability of doing a variety of performances, including traditional, classical, conceptual and visual music performance. Her repertoire is covering diversity music, including classical, contemporary, jazz, rock, exotic and Chinese traditional music. She sticks with her conviction which is challenged herself in every concert that she refuses to repeat the same conception. Her talented musical sensibility of Chinese heritage and Western avant-garde technical skill are of the high level, but what really sets her apart is her passion for the advancement of her art.

Wang’s performance has been described by The Guardian as “brilliant” and “[demonstrating] unimpeachable command”.

Wang Beibei is nothing if not flamboyant . —–The Times

She is most talented and promising percussionist in her generation, a witch of music, and I have no doubt that she will be asset to the genre of classical music. ——Tan Dun


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